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Work meeting with the representative of the International Centre For Higher Education Research in Kassel, Germany

In March, 2010, we organized a workshop within the National study of monitoring the labor market insertion of higher education graduates project which was attended by the research expert Harald Schomburg, representing the foreign partner in the project, University of Kassel, Germany - The International Centre for Higher Education Research. 
            Within the meeting were discussed both general aspects, such as the methodology underlyning the study, as well as specific issues, related to the activities currently carried out: collaboration with over 50 higher education institution that have signed the agreement to implement the study at the institutional level, developing the questionnaire for graduates and customizing it for specific occupational fields and areas of interest. The german partner presented the participants a range of materials and methodologies succesfully applied in similar projects, in country such as France, Germany, Austria, these documents representing useful examples for the implementation of the study in Romania.

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