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“University Graduates and Labor Market. Developing the Tracer Study questionnaire at national level” workshop

“University Graduates and Labor Market. Developing the questionnaire at national level” workshop was held in Sinaia, on 3rd and 4th June, with the following objectives: establishing the general framework for the implementation of the study, completing the questionnaire for monitoring the insertion of higher education graduates on the labor market and preparing the general framework for applying the questionnaire. The workshop included the participation of the foreign partner, the Kassel University, Germany – the International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER), represented by the international researchers Harald Schomburg and Lutz Heidemann.

Representatives from 43 universities all over the country, which expressed their interest to participate in this project, have taken part in the event. 

The main purpose of the University Graduates and Labor Market project is to implement, at the national level, a study to trace the insertion of higher education graduates from both public and private institutions on the labor market. The elaboration and development of monitoring instruments of the socio-professional career of higher education graduates aims at facilitating the correlation between the educational offer and the labor market.

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October 2022

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