The filling in of the questionnaire by the 2006 and 2010 graduates ended

The second survey conducted within the University Graduates and Labor Market tracer study was terminated at the end of May and registered 9294 respondents...

The graduates from 2006 and 2010 cohorts receive the last invitations to the tracer study

The last e-mails will be sent today, only to the graduates that haven’t answered the questionnaire yet. During this last round, the graduates...

University Graduates and Labor Market Tracer Study extends the research on 2006 and 2010 cohorts

The first invitations for the 2006 and 2010 cohorts were sent on Monday, 2nd April, by the universities involved in the current stage of the project.

“University Graduates and Labor Market. Accounts on the first results of the survey” Workshop

The workshop was 2 days long and was held in November 2011, at the National Institute of Statistics in Bucharest, bringing together approximately 100 representatives from the higher education institutions...

University Graduates and Labor Market Tracer Study extends by one year

The continuation of the project responds to one of the major objectives declared and that is the increase of the universities’ capacity to undertake tracer studies constantly.

The filling in of the questionnaire has ended. Data analysis starts

Starting with 1st April the on-line application on the project’s site is no longer available. The central and the institutional teams send their appreciation to all the graduates...

Only 2 days left for filling in the on-line questionnaire

Only two days have left for the bachelor graduates of the 2005 and 2009 cohorts to fill in the on-line monitoring questionnaire, thus taking part at the first national study that tracks the relationship between

The last round of invitations for the 2005 and 2009 graduates

This month, the representatives of the 55 public and private participating universities will carry out the fourth contact stage, sending the last invitations to the graduates the study is aimed at

On 25th January starts the third stage of contacting the graduates

On 25th January, the representatives of the universities involved in the project will send the third wave of invitations to the graduates.

14th December, a new call for the graduates

On 14th December the second round of invitations will be sent to the graduates of the cohorts 2005 and 2009, using both regular mail and e-mail.

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