The 1st International and National Advisory Board Meeting in Romania, 4th -5th February 2010

The 1st International and National Advisory Board Meeting took place at the House of Parliament in Bucharest, between 4th – 5th February 2010 and brought together international experts in the Romanian Higher Education strategic projects.

The purpose of the International and National Advisory Board is:
- to provide consultancy and feed-back regarding the implementation of the projects and the obtained results
- to recommend, on request, international experts that could get involved in different stages of the projects
- to be a reference point when it comes to cooperation within the Higher Education policy

Among the participants were Mr. Daniel Funeriu, Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, Mrs. Ecaterina Andronescu, President of The National Council of Rectors, Mr. Ionel Haiduc, President of the Romanian Academy, Mr. Adrian Curaj, the Projects’ Coordinator and President of the National Authority for Scientific Research, alongside international experts.  

At the 1st International and National Advisory Board Meeting were discussed topics of interest for each of the five projects, such as the relevance of the future-related studies for the framing of the public higher education policies, the defining of a national strategy for the development of the doctoral studies, the academic management and leadership in different states. On this occasion, was also presented a sixth project, “The National Study for Monitoring the Graduates’ Insertion on the Labor Market”, the main ideas referring to the need of implementing such projects, the purpose and its objectives, the activities due to start in the project ant the expected results.

Project presentation - Professor Radu Mircea Damian, Project manager

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