The International Conference “Human Capital and Employment in the European and Mediterranean Area”

The Conference “Human Capital and Employment in the European Mediterranean Area” was held between 10th-11th March in Bologna, Italy, with the participation of international researchers and experts from Higher Education institutions and from institutions that carry out specific project for Higher Education in countries such as Germany, France, England, SUA, Marocco, Slovenia and Algeria. 

The conference started with the presentation of the 13th AlmaLaurea Survey on Italian Graduates’ Employment Conditions, conducted by AlmaLaurea Inter-University Consortium, and continued with debates on topics such as tracer studies, university cooperation and international mobility of graduates and researchers, skill needs, demand for graduates, entrepreneurship, gender issues, inequality, human development.

The new formed INGRADNET network, reuniting European and international tracer studies experts, had its first meeting after the conference. The participants presented the results they obtained so far in their tracer studies and agreed upon the topics of discussion for the next working meeting: the consequences of the different methodologies used by different countries, measuring the professional success of graduates, the graduates’ competences and skills, employee studies. 

Project presentation - Gabriela Jitaru, Project deputy manager

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July 2024

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