University Graduates and Labor Market Tracer Study extends by one year

University Graduates and Labor Market Tracer Study extends by one year

The continuation of the project responds to one of the major objectives declared and that is the increase of the universities’ capacity to undertake tracer studies constantly. 

The third year of the project will focus on trainings for the higher education institutions’ representatives and will offer them the posibility to optimize the instruments they developed and to gather the necessary information for doing  specific analyses that render the evolution in time of the graduates’ insertion on the labor market. 

Practically, the research will be renewed for other two cohorts of bachelor studies graduates, namely on those that graduated in 2006 and 2010.  The questionnaire will be updated, in order to comply with the research needs for the next two cohorts, as well as with the specific proposals of the universities that will apply the questionnaire. 

The field phase will take place from November 2011 to January 2012, using electronic mail as means of contact.

The universities that haven’t participated in the first two years will be provided with the implementation methodology and the questionnaire, in order to start the activities this month.

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February 2023

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