The filling in of the questionnaire by the 2006 and 2010 graduates ended

The filling in of the questionnaire by the 2006 and 2010 graduates ended

The second survey conducted within the University Graduates and Labor Market tracer study was terminated at the end of May and registered 9294 respondents from the two classes invited to take part in the research. The central team appreciates the effort of all the graduates that filled in the questionnaire and that raised attention to the study among other colleagues from the addressed cohorts.

This year, besides the classic methods of contact, mail letter and e-mail, the application methodology brought forward some new elements, that aimed at facilitating the access to the questionnaire and to the information regarding the tracer study for the graduates that weren’t in the university’s database or for which the e-mail address wasn’t available. Therefore, they received the invitation to participate in the study after registering their data through an on-line form available on the project’s website or were contacted through the short messages service, if their mobile phone number was in the database. 

The next period of time data processing will take place, which means that the data will be validated, corrected and coded for the data analysis and interpretation process. The purpose of the data processing is that of obtaining a set of data that will be analysed and interpreted in accordance with the objectives of the study and the necessities that led to its implementation.

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